Saturday, October 10, 2009

¿Se enviará en una fecha conmigo?

Routine things sometimes turn into unusual events.

After picking the kiddos up from their friends' house this afternoon, I really didn't feel like making anything for dinner* and decided to take them out to eat. Of course, given that things are financially tight right now, Taco Bell was an easy pick. It's nearby, it's tasty and - of course - it's cheap.

When we walk into the restaurant, we're caught off guard a little because the first thing we see is a couple having a candlelight dinner.

Did I mention we were at Taco Bell?

Obviously, the young man wanted to make an impression and make the evening memorable. He had a bottle of Mt. Dew on a bucket of ice (turns out Taco Bell was out of champagne), candles, nice plates on which to dine and wine glasses (obviously for the aforementioned Mt.Dew). The table was covered in a tablecloth. It didn't match the "89-cent Menu" window stickers that provided the backdrop but, hey, they had the nicest table in the joint.

He carefully poured refilled her glass when the Mt. Dew ran low. Very gentlemanly.

The cashier told me this was a first date. The guy set it up with them in advance. I don't know how it went for them, but it will be memorable either way.

I was tempted to laugh at them (well, him) but, then again, he actually had a date.

Actually, I think it was clever. I don't know these folks, but maybe they are suffering financially like millions of others and they found a way to have a date without spending alot of money.

Maybe they are college students and, like most people that age, are short on cash.

Maybe he just wanted to be different than the other guys. Either way, he seemed to be acting with a level of manners not always seen in today's young people and I have a feeling that will make more of an impression on the young lady than the Beef & Cheese Burrito.

For their sakes, I hope the faux-Mexican food that is Taco Bell's product doesn't make an impression at any point in the date...just sayin'....

Really, the more I think about it, there's really no downside for him in all this. Think about it: let's say the date tanks and they don't like each other at all. Big deal - he spent something like $8.46 on dinner. Also, the Grandview Taco Bell provides a bowl of after-quesadilla mints which will come in handy in case he gets himself a first date goodnight kiss.

Now, let's say things went well and they are the perfect match for one another. The expectations aren't set very high - the honeymoon could be at the Super 8 near Six Flags and he's not going to disappoint.

Genius! This guy is a genius I says!!!!

* "making anything for dinner" is a relative phrase. I can't cook worth a darn to start with, so my not cooking is nothing unusual. A typical "Mike recipe" is 1) Open Box 2) Lift Corner of Film to Vent 3) Microwave on High for Three Minutes...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Let me introduce myself to you...

First posts on a new blog are sometimes the toughest. Do they set the tone for the blog?

I don't know - I guess I'm not THAT tuned into the blogosphere. I do know that I have a number of little nooks and crannys on the web. For the most part, they relate to my work and/or political things in which I'm involved.

This blog, though, is going to me from me...not Mike the news reporter or Mike the elected official: it will be my thoughts on other aspects of real life. So, here's the basic introduction:

I'm a 37-year-old single Dad in Missouri. Right now I juggle two part-time jobs: being the morning news producer/anchor for KLJC (Calvary 88.5 FM in Kansas City) and being an elected Alderman (what most cities call City Councilman). I also do a fair share of work filling in for both the morning and afternoon drive-time talk show hosts on KSSZ (The Eagle 93.9 FM in Columbia, MO). I dabble in public relations work as well.

My children, Austin (13) and Amber (10), and I live in Grandview, Missouri. They attend Blue Ridge Christian School. The kids live with me 100% of the time.

This blog's name, "On Eagle's Wings", comes from my favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31.

Faith, family, fitness, finance...that's more or less what I'll write about here. I'll save the politics and media stuff for other online places.

Hopefully, I'll connect with some new people and maybe make a few new friends. If nothing else, there might be something interesting that comes along here that you might enjoy.