Monday, October 5, 2009

Let me introduce myself to you...

First posts on a new blog are sometimes the toughest. Do they set the tone for the blog?

I don't know - I guess I'm not THAT tuned into the blogosphere. I do know that I have a number of little nooks and crannys on the web. For the most part, they relate to my work and/or political things in which I'm involved.

This blog, though, is going to me from me...not Mike the news reporter or Mike the elected official: it will be my thoughts on other aspects of real life. So, here's the basic introduction:

I'm a 37-year-old single Dad in Missouri. Right now I juggle two part-time jobs: being the morning news producer/anchor for KLJC (Calvary 88.5 FM in Kansas City) and being an elected Alderman (what most cities call City Councilman). I also do a fair share of work filling in for both the morning and afternoon drive-time talk show hosts on KSSZ (The Eagle 93.9 FM in Columbia, MO). I dabble in public relations work as well.

My children, Austin (13) and Amber (10), and I live in Grandview, Missouri. They attend Blue Ridge Christian School. The kids live with me 100% of the time.

This blog's name, "On Eagle's Wings", comes from my favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31.

Faith, family, fitness, finance...that's more or less what I'll write about here. I'll save the politics and media stuff for other online places.

Hopefully, I'll connect with some new people and maybe make a few new friends. If nothing else, there might be something interesting that comes along here that you might enjoy.

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